Friday, November 8, 2013

replica Trader Joe's buffalo chicken wrap

I am seriously obsessed with this buffalo wrap from Trader Joe's. I buy it anytime I am in the vicinity of a Trader Joe's around lunch time. It is so yummy! I recently picked one up for lunch (go figure!) and I turned it around to see what all was in it so I could replicate it at home and I was BLOWN AWAY by how many ingredients were in it! Like the bad stuff...stuff I can't pronounce. : ( 
Oh well all the more reason to recreate it at home!

My homemade version only has 4 ingredients inside a flour tortilla!

Copycat Trader Joe's Buffalo Chicken Wrap
  1. 1 Large burrito or wrap sized tortilla (there's is made on a red tomato tortilla, which they don't sell so I made mine with just plain flour...I would like to try the tomato one though!)
  2. Frank's Red hot sauce - depending on spiciness level desired shake to your own discretion
  3. 1 tsp butter
  4. 1 celery stalk chopped fine
  5. grilled shredded or chopped chicken - about 1 cup per wrap
Chop the celery and toss it into the bowl with the chicken

melt butter in microwave then add Franks red hot sauce to the melted butter, whisk to combine. I added about 10 shakes of the sauce. Add additional shakes for more heat and a more saucy wrap or less for a dryer, toned down wrap. Add the butter/sauce mixture to the chicken and celery

Thoroughly coat chicken in sauce

Lay chicken out on tortilla and wrap it like a burrito!


When I make mine in the future I will most likely put ranch or blue cheese dressing on the tortilla before I wrap it or serve it on the side! 

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