Tuesday, November 5, 2013

fall mug swap + online community

One of my favorite thing about the blogging world (my favorite actually!) is meeting the other women in it! It is crazy how you can feel a connection to women you have never and may not ever meet. We are connected by our stories and the similarity in our struggles and joys. We are connected by a comradity brought on by similar tragedy or victory - we cheer each other on and pray for one another with many miles in between. Sure sometimes it is catty and judgey and the claws come out on sensitive subjects, but for the most part I am proud to be part of such an amazing online community. 

Another fun perk of this community is all the swapping that goes on! Ornament swapping, mug swapping, headband swapping....the list goes on. It is so fun to participate in these things because you get a chance to connect once again in a way that is different. You get to know the person, you follow their blog and Pinterest and by the end it is like sending a gift to a friend! 

The Fall Mug Swap put on by the wonderful Amanda Lynne from Amanda Lynne Designs.
I hopped on board as soon as one of my besties (in real life! I love when the blogging and real world collide!!) Ali from Ballpoint + Pen told me about it. Give a mug, get a mug. I am all over it.

My mug swap buddy Chrissy from The Pearl Blog sent me the most amazing package! Not only did it contain a gorgeous mug that is as we speak filled to the brim with yummy coffee, but also she sent me cocoa packets, cookies, a HOMEMADE scarf (what? awesome!) an awesome flower ring and the striped stationary set! (someone has been peeping my office supply obsession board on Pinterest!) 
See mug swaps or any swap for that matter, are the best. You get to know a new friend explore a new blog and just participate in this wonderful online community!

My mug swap story has a little more drama! Haha I peeped her Pinterest, read about her on Facebook, followed her Instagram...I knew this lady loved owls and fall. I immediately ordered this little HOOT in white and had it delivered to my house. Well it got stolen off my porch (boo!!) so after 2 calls to UPS, 1 call to West Elm and many unbloggable phrases to my hubby about hooligans running around the neighborhood drinking about of MY owl mug (when did I turn 80...geez!) I just decided in the spirit of Fall Mug Swap to just suck it up and order a new one and have it sent to HER house instead of mine. All turned out fine, she loved the mug and did not already own it! (phew!)

Off to drink coffee out of my new mug and put my new scarf on! 


  1. oh i missed this post but love it. you are so sweet and i am so glad you liked everything. did u delete your instagram. i can not find you anymore :(

    1. So glad you stopped by!! I didn't delete my instagram but I did change my name!! Maybe that is what happened? It used to be Savsmiles after my old blog but after reading all the re branding advice out there I decided to change it to dutchplum so look for me at dutchplum!! : ) Thanks again for the wonderful package I am still loving all my goodies!

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