Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1/2 marathon recap

So I did it and Im still alive yay!! As I mentioned in my previous post I was insanely nervous and doubtful about my race. But I think adrenaline and determination carried me to the finish!

Rarely do I ever go away for the weekend without Greg, but all of us ladies (who have all run 1/2s before) decided to just make it a girls weekend because of kids, hubby's work schedules and just the fact that sharing a room 5 ways was going to be way more affordable!

We stayed at the Park 55 hotel so we could walk to the starting corrals in the am and not have to worry about a car and parking, etc. Wonderful view...hello! The hotel was inundated with people because of its proximity to Union Square (the race start) and with 30,000 runners plus their families, friends, etc. the place was a mad house! But good news for us, our room wasn't ready so we got a $25 voucher so we sat in the hotel restaurant when we arrived and sipped cocktails and had some appetizers. Fun start to a girls weekend!

After realizing our room was still not ready we wandered down to the Expo to pick up our race packets and get some swag!! 

Eek! It's real. Picked up my 1/2 marathon bib and lots of free chocolate, luna bars, and sunscreen!

We then wandered down to Nike Town which is kiddy corner to Union Square to be part of the absolute madness (did I mention this race is sponsored by Nike?!) haha the store was absolute chaos, but we wanted to find our names on the Nike Town wall! 

Union Square was all decked out for the race which made it even more exciting to be a part of! Also it was the 10th anniversary so they went all out!

Woke up at 4 am to prep and to grab a little pre-race breakfast. Black coffee and oatmeal. And to calm my nerves...at this point I was still so nervous.

Race morning and we are ready to go!!

I as hoping that right {here} would be some gloriously sweaty post-race pictures, but alas it is your lucky day! My phone was dead when I retrieved it from my bag check at the end of the race and wasn't fully charged in time to see me in all my racthety glory.

But I WAS able to capture our post race splurge! Artichoke dip! Hello!
And you guys - I ate an entire 6 slice "personal" pizza. What?! Like, by myself.
And afterwards I wasn't even full. Oh the joys of burning 1,350 calories during a race!

RACE SWAG! Luna bars out the yang, awesome finishers Tee, whole foods water bottle and why yes that is a Tiffany & Co. Necklace! Given to us on silver platters by firemen after the race (which always  weirds me out, because my dad is a fireman so the whole sexy fireman thing just doesn't do it for me!!) 

Close up of the necklace because why not! X for the 10th anniversary and of course the nike swoosh.

I did not run fast, I did not cross the finish line with a very good time, but I had an absolute blast of a girls weekend and I conquered those SF hills! 

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