Sunday, August 11, 2013

Road trip snacks + Playlist

We are very serious about our road trip snacks around here. I try as much as I can to pack enough variety so we don't get tempted to get fast food or to hit the gas station store for chips, etc. 
One of our favorite road trip snacks is flamin' hot Cheetos. Oh man...those are so bad!! So this time instead I packed a spicy jalapeƱo hummus with cracker crisps and it really did curb that spicy/crunchy craving that we got mid-trip. 


  • Trail mix: a less bad version of junk food (let's be real though...I in no way think its "healthy"
  • Carrots + broccoli & Hummus: I'll admit it...and I know it's not a popular opinion, but I don't much care for hummus. But this stuff is the bomb!!
  • Natural flavor cracker crisps
  • Sliced strawberries & cuties
  • Raisins
  • Clif Z bars: these are NOT just for kids! : ) 
  • Banana bread muffins (recipe will be posted tomorrow!) 
  • And our sugary splurge...canned Izze sodas. YUM! 
  • Not pictured: bottled water we got for free during our pre-trip oil change stop - SCORE!
When I travel I usually end up snacking on the worse things because of convenience. Well what is more convenient than reaching back into the cooler? Make sure to make different varieties of things...salty, sweet, crunchy, etc so you can curb those gas station pit stop cravings for junk! 
Also remember that a lot of times on road trips it is boredom and exhaustion that drives you to snack, so bring low or zero calories snacks for when it really isn't hunger driving the eating.


Target was having a sale on iTunes gift cards...ya heard me...a sale on iTunes gift cards. So we bought 3. Ha! I love getting new music so I bought albums and EPs and did not make a proper "mix tape" for the trip. But we did love listening to these albums and didn't mind them bring on repeat because they were new to us or beloved artists/songs. 
Blood Bank EP - Bon Iver
The Big Black and Blue - First Aid Kits
The Lions Roar - The First Aid Kits
Entire new Civil Wars album
Sun Giant EP - Fleet Foxes
Heavy in Your Arms - Florence + The Machine
Can't Hold Us - Macklemore (it was our pump up song when we got tired/bored,etc)
Lower Still - My Epic

We didn't have a huge selection on this trip, but I do recommend having a good mix , especially for a road trip. I usually do a boat load of mellow go-with-the-flow songs for playing in the background while talking, then a handful of favorites that I don't mind hearing on repeat if need be...and last but not least at least 2 or 3 pump up songs to play when you feel exhausted, bored or when you are in the home stretch! 

Happy Traveling!! 

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