Tuesday, August 13, 2013

washing clothes in small spaces

The Mr. And I have a very small house. It definitely has it perks like a huge coverted garage attached to the house that is now our dining/crafting space and a office space for Greg. 

It is 2 bedrooms so no complaints there...but it is a tight squeeze. 

When we got our stacking washer and dryer, it was definitely a blessing, but I had no idea how to create a workable laundry space in such a little hallway. 

The key to organization in a small space is storage that goes up, not out. For us it was the RASKOG rolling kitchen cart from IKEA. FOUND HERE. It is the perfect size for detergents and taller items on top, shorter laundry and dishwasher items in the middle (our teeny-tiny little dish washer is in this "hallway" too!) and linens on the bottom. We recently went paper towel-less in our home so the linens are divided into 2 piles...the work horses and the decorative textiles. 

For the actual cleaning of the clothes we use Meyer's brand for our detergent, softener, and dryer sheets. I love that they are a more natural alternative and they smell amazing without being over 
powering. I am currently obsessed with their 'Basil' scent. Check out Mrs. Meyer's laundry items 
HERE. They are great!

Because I use so many linens on a day to day basis and because one of the other downsides of the house is that it is a bit "damp" I really did my research on how to keep my towels and linens mildew-free, absorbent, and free of detergent gunk. 

One of my friends was using this product on her cloth diapers,and I looked into it and it seemed like the perfect product keep my towels and linens gunk-free and absorbent. So far it has worked wonders for us! It is powerful stuff so you only one scoop per large load.

You can find this laundry soda and other amazing natural laundry items HERE
Ok I also kind of love that it has a Boston Terrier on the lid. : ) It was the frosting on the cake, so to speak.

There really is no functional place for my drying rack, so honestly whenever I just set it up in the middle of everything and hang dry my clothes! It makes me feel like I live in New York in one of those small studio apartments where you keep your shoes in the oven (thank you Carrie Bradshaw!) and other cool things like that. 

Happy Laundering...wait that sounds bad. Don't launder anything.
Happy Housework! : )

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