Friday, August 9, 2013

What's in the bag...packing for a week long trip!

Tomorrow the Mr. and I are packing up and heading out of town! We are stopping in Visalia first to attend the wedding of my long time friends and his beautiful bride-to-be. We will also be catching up with some of our BFFS, who will also be in town for the wedding. 

I loooove packing and organizing all my clothes and accessories for traveling, so I thought I would show you all what's in the (Petunia Pickle Bottom Weekender) bag!

 I try to start by packing into piles and grouping items instead of just throwing them inside the bag ( snark from the peanut gallery!) 
This cuts down on repeat items, or even worse...forgotten items. I have been the girl before who packed 18 t-shirts and no pants. But seriously though, it was a cold week. 

 For one week this is what I typically bring. Keep in mind this is a warm weather vacation with a wedding, a birthday, and access to a washing machine thrown in. 

 1. A week's + worth of "unmentionables" & Bathing suit (even with access to a washer/dryer I don't risk this.) I like to pack mine in a smaller bag within my bag for easy access and concealment.
2.  Pants + Shorts: 2 of each - one pair of jeans and one pair of nicer "non-jeans" + any type of shorts
3. Staple basics: This includes basic t-shirts (2), undershirts (2), leggings (1), and a black cardigan and a neutral color cardigan. If you pack these things you are less likely to find yourself at a loss for what to wear and the ever-so-annoying problem of accidentally bringing all patterned tops and bottoms.
4. Blouses, dresses, + Skirts: Usually I would just pack 1 casual dress and 1 fancy dress, but with a wedding & a birthday tossed into the mix I decided on 1 casual dress, 1 fancy dress, and 1 fancy skirt. I also packed a fancier jacket.
5. Jammies!

Do not pack as many shoes as I did. Seriously don't. I have a problem and have an irrational fear that I will not have the proper form of footwear.
This is what I SHOULD bring:
  1. Casual neutral colored flats
  2. Fancy flats or heels
  3. Pair of versatile sandals
  4. "play shoes"
I mostly followed that rule, but I threw in a pair of beloved moccasins as well...because you never know!!

{Extras +Essentials}
I am definitely the kind of person to wear more neutral colored or grey clothing and really spice things up with accessories and jewelry
  1. Road trip essentials: iPad (don't forget the charger!) + reading materials, my favorite EOS lip balm, and beloved STELLA + DOT wristlet, so I can jam into a gas station or store on our way down without having to lug my purse with me. 
  2. Toiletry bag: More on that later - FOSSIL bag
  3. Accessories: Tres scarves, one belt + my summer hat. 
  4. Bling: My favorite  rose gold GUESS watch from the Mr., my Stella + Dot jewels (can be found here - ring, bracelet, and necklace) and my favorite gold bracelet that I picked up in Tanzania. 

These are pretty standard. And I am not bringing shampoo, conditioner, etc since it will be available where we are going, but if they were not I would bring my full sized bottles since we are road tripping - I just never find travel sized bottles that are enough for my thick mane!!
The little metal owl box is actually a pill/vitamin organizer inside. I love it! 

{All packed!}
This is what is set out and waiting until Saturday morning. The toiletries bag will be used Sat morning and then zipped into the top of the Petunia bag. I am wearing comfy road trip clothes that are included in the original round up so I am not bringing excess, and the iPad, Bible, and wristlet will be joining me up front in the car.
The shoes are inside of a plastic grocery bag and then put inside my big purse which I will use when we get to Escondido!

I just wish I had room in my bag for this guy!!

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