Saturday, December 20, 2014

diy cloth wipe solution

I have written about cloth diapering and how I use cloth wipes as well. Before you call me crazy, hear me out. I think it is easier. You toss the cloth diaper and the cloth wipe into the diaper pail and call it a day. No need to separate out a disposable wipe (and risk touching...well...all the crap)it just all gets washed together.
There are dozens of wipe solution recipes out there but this one is so stupid easy I have just never ever tried another (lazy much?!)


  1. Dr. Bronner's baby wash - 2-3 squirts. The baby wash is so mild its perfect for cleaning sensitive little baby bottoms.
  2. Tea Tree Essential oils - I buy mine at Whole Foods, but everyone and their mama is selling oils right now so just look to your left...and to your right...and I'm sure your neighbor and all her friends can sell it to you also. ; ) 3-4 shakes. The tea tree oil prevents mold, prevents diaper rash and soothes any rash that does crop up. It is potent if used directly on baby's skin. *
  3. H20 - enough to fill the tupperware you choose            

That's it. So simple. 
I keep my tupperware in the fridge and the solution lasts about 2 weeks. About every 2-3 days I wet a stack of cloth wipes and divide them between 3 Lunch Skins (aka reusable sandwich baggies). One for the diaper bag, one for her changing table and one for my purse. 

I love Lunch Skins (the yellow one below) because they are the perfect size for the wipes, fit easily in any baby bag or purse and their patterns and colors to choose from are fab! Also they double as a tiny wet bag for the wipes if need be so I always carry an extra empty one for that reason! 

 I exclusively use Family Cloth Wipes sold on Etsy. They are the best IMO. Perfect size, thickness and shape. I love, love, love them. The small ones also fit perfectly in my tupperware so - score!

There you have it. The easiest cloth wipe solution ever. Perfect for a busy mama like me!
 (and all of us really...what mama ISN'T super busy?!)

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