Sunday, May 11, 2014

happy sunday.

Well it has been quite a year! I cannot seem to wrap my head around the fact that it is May. May. It was literally JUST January and now it is almost half way through the year. Yikes. Time slow down!
There has been so many amazing things that have/are happening this year it has been hard to keep up with picture taking and posting and remembering to take it all in and enjoy it!

 Today is Mother's Day. I sit here overwhelmed with God's grace in giving us this spunky (yeah I can already tell...little karate master in there) little girl we can call our own. My mama who is simply the best has been an unending inspiration to me and now a whole new level has opened up as I cross into the unknowns of motherhood myself...I know my mom will become even more of a gem as a navigate this new season of life! I got to see my older sister become a mom this year. What an amazing experience that has been. She is simply a natural and an example I most definitely look to. 
 I am also embarking on another scary/exciting journey. My first full-time nursing job. I am loving it so far and it is my absolute passion, but with impending motherhood I am feeling insecure. Will I be judged for being a full time working mom? Will Piper resent me one day? Even though I will be gone from the house only 3 days a week the days will be long. I hope to have grace as I navigate this for the first time, I know it will be hard but I also know I am called to be both. And I think that is ok. 

We are working feverishly to prep the house for our new roommate. We are ready, and not ready and excited and terrified. Haha but ready or not here she comes! 

If it weren't for this guy I would be a lot less ready and more terrified. excited to navigate the unknown with him. He makes it fun. 

Look forward to blogging more and writing more. 

Will be posting soon Piper's nursery and a series I am working on that came out of a talk I did at a women's retreat a few weekends back. 

Happy Sunday & Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies in the world who have children here and in heaven, adopted, fostered, mentored, soon to come, or longed for deeply. I salute you it is not for the faint of heart! 

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