Tuesday, February 11, 2014

update & goings on.

Well holy moly. What a crazy end of the year, beginning of a new one!

So, so many things have happened many of which have kept me away from this space on the internet and firmly planted in the day to day! First of all the holidays were a BLUR! I had a raging case of stomach flu over Christmas rendering it completely forgettable and un-blog worthy! Ha! Since then things haven't stopped their break neck speed and I feel like finally, a month and a half into the new year I am finally able to slow down a little and update this space.

BUT a couple of absolutely amazing have happened since I last left an update!

We are expecting a baby!! We are beyond excited and blessed to be given such a gift!

July 8th is the official due date but all my mama and my sister's babies came at least a week early and babies general have a mind of their own so all I can say for sure is we are having a summer baby!

My sister birthed this incredible and beautiful creature and she fits into our family so, so perfectly! My sister is such an amazing mom and I know she can teach me so much! So excited for my baby and his or her cousin to grow up together! 

Me and my man have been able to go out on many (blurry..haha) date nights solo and with good friends...we just love exploring our city/county and trying new places!

Another fun night together...a very Gatsby NYE! 

Sasquatch is still as cute as ever...and super excited (oblivious?!) that he is going to be a big brother!

And finally up to speed...19 weeks and counting with our precious babe.
Gender reveal tomorrow!! 

Excited to get back into blogging. I really love it. It is a chance to share ideas and it fuels my creativity and motivates me to make my life beautiful...not to be able to blog about it, but rather the blogging and reading other blogs inspires me and pushes me out of the mundane!

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