Tuesday, February 18, 2014

love day party

Since this year Valentine's Day fell on a Friday I knew we didn't want to go out. I am not the kind of girl who thinks Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday or over rated, I actually rather enjoy it. I love my hubby and I love celebrations of all kinds so it is a fun day for me. But I also knew I didn't want to pay twice as much at a restaurant as I would creating a memorable, fun evening at home!

So me and my sis put together a dinner & dessert for our men that I think rivaled any night out!

My sissy & I had a blast putting all the crafts together for the night a couple days before. These mini wooden rounds we found at Michael's Crafts for $4 for 6 of them.

My man got a small V-Day gift on the 14th but his real present is a brewery tour we will be doing this weekend. But I couldn't resist getting him a little sweet the day off!

I don't know how the hubby could have picked better presents for me! A cupcake & a new book?

We opted for catering instead of slaving away in the kitchen, so we ordered out from a local Italian deli since both my sis and I worked all day. It was super tasty and made us feel special too because we didn't have to cook!

The men had cocktails and beer while the ladies sipped water and coffee.

For dessert my sister whipped up a Tiramisu Fondue recipe copycat from The Melting Pot (recipe coming tomorrow!) The hubby & I are not huge fondue people but we both agree this one was out of this world! So good!

I am so glad we all decided to stay in and enjoy a fun evening at home. It was just as yummy, just as romantic and just as special as any night out and the personal touches really made the night!

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