Thursday, October 10, 2013

what i wore - with a twist!

I love this new trend (or oldie but goodie trend making a comeback?) of showcasing "what I wore" without actually having to photograph yourself wearing it! Haha.
I am not the confident fashionista that loves selfies and looks great posing in outfits. I find it a bit awkward if I am being honest.
But I do love sharing outfit ideas so I decided to fully embrace this concept of showcasing the clothing and not necessarily showcasing me WEARING the clothing. : )

Here is what i wore today.


Jeans: slim fit GAP//
Blouse: Old Navy//
Cardi: 1/2 sleeve Banana Republic//
Shoes:gifted from a dear friend//
Locket necklace:Vintage, belonged to my great-grandmother//
Bracelet: Souvenir from my travels in Tanzania//

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