Saturday, October 12, 2013

gather. week 5.

I am so behind! Our lovely friends came over like 2 weeks ago!
We had a blast hosting dinner  as always. 

It was the first time inviting over brand new friends and it was so much fun! I feel like I actually got to know so much about them and we were able to relax and talk and share a meal! We also bonded over our mutual love of boston terrier dogs...I am trying my hardest to convince them that they NEED one!

Because it was new friends I decided to do a make your own pizza bar. That way I could get a feel for what our new friend's likes & dislikes were without having to stress about if I made the "right thing" or not!! It was a lot of fun and we all ended up having different combinations of toppings!
 {The dough ended up looking a little ahem...rustic}

While our pizzas baked we had a little charcuterie and before dinner drinks. I know what you are looks like a lot of meat, cheese, and bread was consumed this night. Well you are right. And it was delish. 

I blogged about these drinks earlier but for the girlies I made Peach Gin Fizz  & for the gents I made Rosemary Vodka Martinis which we also featured at Greg's 28th birthday party bash back in August.

We finished the night off with our usual coffee & dessert. Our gracious guest brought these delicious chewy cookies from Whole Foods and a vanilla bean ice cream. Hello!

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