Wednesday, September 11, 2013

organic CSA box delivery

For about 6 months now the Mr. & I have been getting our fresh fruits and veggies delivered straight to our door every other Tuesday morning. We literally wake up and it is sitting on the porch like a baby left by the stork!

We are in Northern California so we go through Farm Fresh to You, but there are tons of options all over the state and country. 

It's like a mini Christmas morning every other week...I usually wake up early and rip the box open to see what's inside!! We get such a great variety of seasonal produce and for our little family of 2 it is plenty to get us through 2 weeks!

We of course love that everything inside is certified organic. That means being ok with dirt clods stuck to the ends of the beets and the occasional worm living tucked inside one of the lettuce leaves!

This is our plentiful bounty that we received yesterday morning on our doorstep (Minus the butter lettuce not pictured) and like I said for our little family of 2 it lasts 2 weeks no problem!

The "Package" that we get is the More Mixed package on a bimonthly schedule but there are SO MANY options to choose from! You can do a small delivery every week, a fruit only delivery, a monster mixed delivery weekly for those bigger families with growing kiddos, and so many more combos!

When we went on vacation last month I just cancelled the delivery for the week no problem, but next time I might have a "no cook box" delivered instead before we leave so we can have plenty of road trip goodies to snack on!!

We love this service and we think you will too!! Email me on how to get $10 off your first delivery if you sign up! 

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