Tuesday, August 27, 2013

week 1 - family dinners.

I decided that now that I have more time I want to have friends/family over for dinner once a week. Old friends, new friends, our families, you name it! I also love trying new recipes on my friends, so its a perfect combo. : )

Well this last week we started out with some of our best, dearest, and long time friends and their sweet firecracker of a daughter! I was able to use the homemade cheese & ricotta that I posted last week for a fab pizza party.

I kind of love when the dough looks a little wonky makes it feel more homemade and rustic! 

We made a combo pizza with the ricotta, pepperoni, organic sausage, tomato, & bell pepper. 

and one caprese or margarita pizza...basil was added later.

We ended the night with a giant pazookie that we all shared straight out of the pan with spoons.

I love our friends. I love sharing dinner with them, they are such a blessing in our lives!! 

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