Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Girl behind the blog link up - Travel!!

Ashley from Written on her Heart & Annie from what she saw teamed up to bring us this fabulous Girl Behind the Blog prompt about Traveling.


Here are the rules/prompts:

  1. Introduce yourself & your blog
  2. Briefly tell us where you've traveled (domestically and/or internationally) and what you were doing there.
  3. What do you most look forward to when going on a trip?
  4. If you could hop on a plane this second, where would you go and why?
  5. keep it to 2-3 minutes!
I absolutely loved this prompt! I love, love, love to travel!
My love for my webcam has yet to be discovered. I did like 15 takes! Ha!

Also...enjoy these sweaty pictures from my travels! Haha

 Medical clinic in Oaxaca, Mexico


  1. Wow, you really have traveled a lot!! I can tell that it's an important part of your life. It's really, really hard to love a webcam. I decided a while ago that I hated the webcam so much I'd only ever do one take, no matter how it turned out. :P And probably if it was really bad...I just wouldn't do a vlog at all.

    1. That is a good policy, I will have to try that in the future...except I kept jumbling up my words!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You've been all over! That's so exciting! I love all your pictures from your adventures abroad. I must hear about your quick run through Paris (if you don't mind, of course!). I loved my time there so I'm sad to hear you didn't have a good experience!

    Where in Kenya were you? I just back from a mission trip there. We were in Choimim, about 45 minutes outside Eldoret (I think it's south of Eldoret).

    And where in Honduras have you been?! My family is from there and I LOVE it there!

    1. I was in Nairobi, Kenya mostly I spent most of that trip in Tanzania in different villages along Lake Victoria! Patis ITSELF was amazing!! But I slept in the airport, which has revolving doors and no the snow with a lot of homeless people and co-ed bathrooms so there was no escaping the was a VERY long night. Haha!
      I am so embarrassed that I have only been to like the most touristy place in Honduras ever! It is Roatan? Like that super touristy island built just for cruise ships? Yeah...cringe! But I would love to go back and explore more of the country!!!

  3. You went to Liberia??? That's where I lived for a while. I worked on a hospital ship that was mostly in Liberia. Wow! Other than friends who were with me, I don't think I've ever known anybody who had been to Liberia. Wow.

    1. That is amazing!! Mercy Ships?? I always had a dream that I would do Mercy Ships or something like it!! That is so awesome!

  4. Ok i thought I'd commented on this but I may have forgotten to publish it. I also thought that Kerrie Williams had traveled to the most places but I was wrong! You aren't kidding when you say you love to travel! I would love to go to all those places you mentioned (and more!) in my lifetime. Glad you linked up friend!

    P.S. you're word verification is on for comments... that's probably what happened.

    1. It was actually fun, I think I have made peace with my webcam! Haha. Thanks for the heads up I will change the word verification thing!