Saturday, December 20, 2014

family christmas traditions

Now that we have a babe I have been trying to think of special traditions for our little family to do together. Even though Piper is tiny and won't remember any of this, I wanted to start thinking of what is fun or special for us to do each Christmas.

Christmas Tree farm (even though we usually get our tree from Home Depot - shhh!)

{Thoughtful gift giving}
I have to be careful because I LOVE giving gifts. It is easy for my to go overboard on Piper because lets be real buying baby clothes/shoes/accessories is WAY too fun. I tried to stick to just a couple things for Christmas because I don't know - she's only 5 months old! Ha! Its not easy folks I tell ya.
But thoughtful gift giving is something I want to make a tradition. I love the idea of

Want : Gingiber for Land of Nod Sheep Pillow

Need: Lets be honest she NEEDS nothing. No need gift this year!

Wear: Tiny Toms because well tiny Toms.

Read: Flora and the Flamingo Its actually a picture book with no words. I bought it because I think it is beautiful but also because Greg is such a creative storyteller I thought it would be a fun daddy/daughter book they could make up stories together with.

It cuts down on the excess gifts and it allows grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc to be able to give them special gifts as well without it becoming some crazy over indulgent holiday.

I also want to make sure I always participate with my kids in acts of giving especially around the holidays. It truly isn't about the gifts we get but sharing our time and the joy and hope of Christ with others - which can be so overlooked with all the stuff!!

 Christmas countdown snowman made by my mother-in-law. Perfect new family tradition!
I always, always display my cards on the tree. Love seeing them grow year by year!
Making our own Christmas card via Tiny Prints - one of my favorite parts of the holiday!
Stockings. This year they are cheesy loud and store bought - but I love them!!!

We of course also have traditions that we participate in at our Church too!

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  1. It is not bad if you buy gifts for your 5 months old. She will cherish all these things when she grows up. These are special moments you are collecting for her future.