Friday, August 29, 2014

Piper's Birth Story

I am so excited to finally put this amazing story down on (digital?) paper. I love hearing people's birth stories, they are all so, so unique and something no woman ever forgets. My grandma and my elderly patients still can remember exactly the way they felt seeing their babes for the first time and all the details like it was yesterday! I love Piper and my's story. I too will never forget a single detail.

6/30/14 at 8:00am - I woke up to braxton hicks as I did most mornings getting closer to the 39th week. My younger sister came over to help me pack our stuff for our move (another story for another day) and to help me organize the house for our impending permanent roommate. The braxton hicks remained throughout the day pretty consistently. So after she left I thought I would test them - since most of the time they went away on their own if I relaxed, showered, etc. I did everything - showered, laid on the couch, laid on my left side and drank water. And they remained. 
My parents were coming home from being out of town and Greg had men's group until late so I texted them both at around 6 letting them know this might be IT. My mom and I texted back and forth for an hour as they got closer to home and at around 7:00 they were stopping for dinner - they said I should join them to get my mind off things for a while. This is when I knew it was different than before because I suddenly realized these "braxton hicks" were too strong for me to feel I could safely drive. Since Greg was still out (waiting by the phone for any "it's time" texts haha) my parents offered to pick me up and take me to their house so I could rest until Greg got home. 
at around 9:00pm I got a contraction that was a game changer. It came so fast and furious that I immediately texted Greg and said "You better come get me." He arrived at my parents house about 20 minutes later to pick me up. Three contractions later and a seriously annoyed "on the way to the hospital" picture my mom took we were off. We swung by the house to pick up the bags and got to the hospital around 9:40pm. From the parking lot to the OB department I had about 3 or 4 more contractions so I figured I was good to go. They triaged me and had me change into a gown to be checked by the midwife. at 10:00pm on the dot the midwife came in to deliver the most dissapointing news - "I'm so sorry you are only dilated 1cm." 
After all the debilitating contractions. Ugh.
But they for some reason had pity on me and said "It's late, why don't you hang out for two hours and we'll check you again at midnight. If you progress we'll keep you if not we can send you home with something to help you sleep." So we held off telling anyone to come since we were convinced we would be going home at midnight with no baby. 
The next two hours were by far the most intense hours of my life. I have never know pain like this, it was literally blinding. The nurse visits were scarce if at all since they were all convinced a first time mom had no chance of delivering any time soon at only 1cm dilated. 
I mostly labored alone.
 Unbeknownst to my wonderful husband who literally thought I was asleep this whole time....ummm what? He kept me going with occasional little sips from my water bottle between contractions and held my barf bag - what a guy! : )  At 11:50pm I called Greg over to have him help me to the bathroom before the midwife came back to check me the second time. I was in so much pain at this point I could hardly see. I remember looking up at Greg and saying 
"I don't think I am as strong as I thought I was. If this is 1 or 2 centimeters I think I need to get an that ok?"
Haha of course he said yes, and looked at me like I was crazy for even asking permission.
I had started bleeding, which I thought was a good sign so I hobbled back to bed to wait for the midwife. At midnight the widwife came in and asked if anything felt different. I said yes I had started to bleed and the contractions felt worse - I might need an epidural. Probably chuckling to herself at what a wimp I was for asking for an epidural at 1-2cms she put her gloves on a checked me. 
I got concerned because she was checking me for a very long time. Eventually she said "Umm...have your contractions gotten A LOT worse?!" I nodded.  "Well that is because you are at a you still want something for pain?"I replied "No! If this is a 9 I can totally do this." Haha my exact words. I was a little loopy at this point from the pain. I quickly looked at Greg panicked and asked him to hurry up and call my mom to get down here. I could tell everyone thought Piper would come fast and furious because my room suddenly became a circus. The midwife literally ran out of the room to gown up, 2 nurses raced in - one to bring in the baby warmer and quickly set it up and one to start asking me admission questions. In transition and being asked admission questions - I would love to go back and read my answers! Haha 
My water broke the minute the midwife left the room and I felt the strong urge to push. I was terrified to tell you the truth. I panicked, and yelled loudly. I was scared - My husband was in the hallway calling my mom, my mom was across town, and my midwife was gowning up. Greg and the midwife and the 2 nurses rushed back in and got me on my back. All the sudden the midwife said "Your baby's heart rate is dropping, look at need to get this baby out NOW" 
Again, I panicked. I couldn't breathe - they put an oxygen mask on me and I pushed with everything I had in me. It wasn't enough. Everything was a blur the MD came in talking about a C-Section, and the midwife told me they NEVER do this but she would have to cut an episiotomy to get her out. 
The nurse next to me said you need to push for your daughter she needs to be born now. 
I pushed with everything I had two more times and she burst forth in to the world. 
Literally. She came out so fast and with so much force amniotic fluid got in the midwife's mouth.
I was mortified - she said she would definitely never forget me and she even wrote about my fast delivery in my medical chart because she said she has never seen anything like it. 
Piper was here. 12:38am on July 1st, 2014 at 39 weeks exactly.They put her on my chest right as my mom and sister came running in. They missed it, but they got to be there for the best part. Her being out and alive and beautiful.

7lbs 9oz and 19.5inches long. Red hair, long, graceful fingers and the cutest little expressions I ever did see. She is her father's clone. Which makes me so happy, he's pretty cute! ; )

Piper Brave Horton
We are pretty in love.

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