Sunday, August 18, 2013

succulent cork starts

I saw some of these beauties on Pinterest and immediately sent the pin to my fab mother-in-law...which had absolutely nothing to do with our shared love of wine and her massive collection of wine corks. No not at all. ; ) They also happen to live in a desert-esque environment with plenty of gorgeous succulents to be found, so on the last day of our awesome vacay down there my MIL and I got crafty together and made some of these Pinterest inspired cork beauties.

Now lets be real...on Pinterest people make magnets and art out of these and that is definitely an option, 
but I kind of, sort of have a black thumb so remembering to water my corks everyday...yeah not gonna happen. I would rather use the corks as adorable, miniature, temporary houses for starts that I am going to plant in pots at my house and then put in the line of my sprinkler system and let that do the work for me. Mmkay.


1. {Gather some corks & a cutting tool} - Pop open some wine and get to ask around, people always seem to have corks lying around...especially around here! : )

2. {Take some cuttings off of a succulent plant}

I am no succulent expert by any means...but I believe this is called an aeonium hen and chick succulent plant?! Somebody correct me if I'm wrong...

3. {Cut a whole in the middle of the cork} 
Make sure to get down pretty deep in the cork to make sure there is enough room for a good amount of loose dirt.

4. {wet cork}
 This helps to keep the start hydrated before planting

5. {Fill loosely to the top with dirt}
I used potting soil, pretty standard mix.

6. {Mix & match succulent cuttings for a fun variety!}

I love how they came out and can't wait to get them into a pot and grow some in my own backyard!! : ) 

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